Free now! ‘Love, Now and Then’

Australian Romance (4)Two love stories – one of today, one of yesteryear. Two young women – Jenny and Amanda – confronting the complexities of life and love. Can either overcome her niggling doubts about her lover’s fidelity?
Previously published as ‘Of Love and Secrets’ and ‘Uncertain Love’, this compilation by award-winning Australian author Margaret Lynette Sharp promises to be a compelling page-turner for lovers of sweet romance.


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Free on 24th and 25th April: ’60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences’

I can say without fear of contradiction that this book has been all but ignored by reviewers, yet those who have gone to the trouble of putting their thoughts into words have loved it!

In support of this claim, I offer an unabridged version of the recently-published review posted by a Readers’ Favorite reviewer.

5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review! 
Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite
What is happiness? What is love? What is truth? Can you live without your car? What’s good about pride? What’s bad about winning? Can you live without computers? So many questions and where will readers get their answers? Margaret Lynette Sharp’s 60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences is an insightful book that delves mainly into diverse topics which are dealt with in six parts. All the topics are relevant to readers and they deal with questions about life and living. The author’s interpretation of the topics is interesting to note and the topics discussed all encourage readers to look at themselves, their lives, and their society. The question and answer sessions in the book cover all the topics that are connected closely to human nature. This book is a good tool to reflect upon and scrutinize life through the eyes of the author.

I like the simple and elegant style of writing which makes it easily understandable to all readers; young and old alike. The author’s observations on life and her light-hearted manner of addressing the questions of life make reading this book a unique experience. It is a look into human nature and life done in an entertaining and engaging way. The book will be comforting to many readers who have a lot of questions in their minds that need answers, and do not know where to look for these. I would recommend this book to readers of all ages because of its content and style of writing, which make the answers appealing.

In order to allow it as easy as possible for interested readers to own an Amazon Kindle eBook copy of this, one of my earliest books, it will be free to download on the 24th and 25th April, 2018.
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Countdown Deal for ‘From Longbourn, With Love’

Like Jane Austen Fan Fiction?

Yes! Then this might be of interest.

From 12th April 2018, ‘From Longbourn, With Love’ will be a Countdown deal at US 99 cents or equivalent, for three days only. Normal price is US$3.99.Countdown! (1)

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Free from 5th to 7th April: ‘More Romance, 50’s Style’

Free now! (14)Like sweet romance? Then this is for you!

Two very different stories, each set in the Australia of the 1950’s…
The first, ‘Love Denied’, tells the story of a thirty-one-year-old music teacher named Elizabeth, whose love life stands to be derailed yet again by her selfish, manipulative mother.
The second, ‘Charlotte’s Lance and the Round Fable’, spotlights the conflict arising from Charlotte’s devotion to her new boyfriend, Lance, a fervent environmentalist, and her loyalty to her father — inevitably, of course, a wealthy property developer.
Published previously as separate volumes, both tales provide an engaging, nostalgic look at the lives and mindsets of denizens of that bygone era.

Another flag!


I can scarcely believe this, since prior to this week, and after seven and a half years of publishing, my grand total of Amazon flags stood at one, for ‘Longbourn Revisited’. When another appeared early this week, for ‘News Comes to Pemberley’, I felt elated. Now, I’m doing the happy dance, for my most recent Jane Austen Fan Fiction short story has garnered a flag, too!

My excitement has spurred me on to start writing another one.

Wish me luck!




Good News!

best sellerToday has been one of the best-ever days in my literary career.

Not only has my short JAFF story, ‘News Comes to Pemberley’, been given an Amazon flag, but also, hundreds of people have downloaded my short story collection, Encore’, which is currently free.

Take heart, fellow authors: success might be just around the corner!

Free on March 20 and 21: ‘Encore’

Lovers of romantic short stories, please take note!

On March 20 and 21, ‘Encore’ will be free to download on Amazon Kindle.

It’s just received a very flattering review from Readers’ Favorite!

With  25 stories to read, I’m sure you’ll find at least a few you really enjoy.FREE NOW!(4)