Free on 12th and 13th February, 2018: ‘Longbourn Revisited’ and ‘Whatever it Takes’

This coming Monday and Tuesday, two of my eBooks that have been awarded 5 star seals by the respected site, Readers’ Favorite, will be free to download on Amazon Kindle.

First up, the controversial Jane Austen Fan Fiction novelette, ‘Longbourn Revisited’, which, despite reaching #1 (paid) on the Amazon Best Seller list in its genre, has managed to be loved by some readers, despised by others, and accepted with restrained enthusiasm by still more. Why not download it yourself and see what you make of it? However short in length, reviews are always welcome.

Secondly, a sweet romance set in the 1950’s, ‘Whatever it Takes’. This is a book for those with an hour or two to spare, who like to get to the end of the story without interruption. This title is set in two capital cities: London and Sydney.

This is the advertising banner I’ve made, to be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter on Monday and Tuesday.

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Free now! (7)


Free for Three Days: ‘Encore’ !

FREE NOW!(4)Are you a time-poor reader? Then perhaps this book of short stories is exactly what you’re looking for!

Reviewers say they liked it a great deal. Most tales are of love and sweet romance.

Here’s the Amazon Kindle link.

Like Short and Sweet Romances? Free on 30th April!

Like short and sweet romances? Then this is for you! On 30th April, 2016, my novella ‘Whatever It Takes’ will be free to download on Amazon Kindle. Set in both London and Sydney, this is the story of young love tested by distance.

I really do not know at exactly what time the eBook will become free. In Australia, I think it’s around 6 p.m.. But I understand that this offer extends to many countries including US, UK and Canada. So if the price hasn’t changed when you take a look, try again a little later. But remember, there are a mere twenty-four hours in which to secure your copy as a giveaway.