Today’s Visitor: A White-faced Heron

margaret lynette sharp

White-faced Heron White-faced Heron

Most days I see water-birds on the river. They seem to especially drawn to the netted baths, where the crabs and other little treats reside.

Today I saw a White-faced Heron. As usual he was on his own: that is, until a pair of wild ducks swam past. But this was just for a fleeting moment, and before I knew it he was once again all alone.

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The Battle of the Bath

margaret lynette sharp

Chicki in the shower

I wonder how many of us have experienced a collision between their elbow and their knee-cap.

My guess is: not many.

So, it is with some alacrity that I report that I, Margaret Sharp, have managed it. And yes, it hurts.

You may wonder how this all came about.

The answer is: Chicki!

Adorable though she is, Chicki’s  fun-loving streak can produce all manner of outcomes.

She has a penchant for turning every activity into a game: or, more correctly, a battle of wits. A battle that she is more than capable of winning!

Today’s episode involved the perennial favourite: bath time. With admirable acuteness, my quick glimpse at her bath towel, and sly positioning of dog shampoo, gave her all the clues she needed. Instantly she summed up the agenda.

And so began the great puppy chase: round and round the house she tore at…

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Welcome to Margaret’s Classic Posts

Welcome to Margaret’s Classic Posts!

In it I will attempt to provide a mix of interesting new  posts interspersed with classic re-blogs from my primary blog.

I’m an Australian writer – the wife of the Sydney Opera House Organ builder, Ronald Sharp. So far, I have thirteen titles available on Amazon Kindle, with another on the way…

Until next time….