New JAFF release: A Party at Longbourn

Like to read Jane Austen fan fiction? Here’s a new release: the third in my series.

‘A Party at Longbourn’ is a short and sweet novelette, ideal for those who like to read in one sitting.

The newly-widowed Mr Collins is looking for a wife. Will he choose one of the remaining Bennet girls?

This eBook is free to download for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


A Rainbow Lorikeet Is Looking at Me – And Countdown Deals Keep on Coming…

Here's looking at you - a Rainbow Lorikeet
Here’s looking at you – a Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeets are often seen in our local park, and those of us who keep a camera on hand find them hard to resist.

Their colours are so bright and varied- small wonder that their name reflects this.

They’re friendly, too, and I often see them nibbling at the tidbits willingly supplied by picnickers.


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On another note, three of my eBooks will be available as Countdown deals on Amazon Kindle over the next week or two.

‘Amelia’s Call’, the story of a couple of newlyweds who find that life has dealt them a difficult hand, will be on sale from 28th March till April 4.

‘Sisters and Rivals’, a tale of two sisters who are different as chalk and cheese, will be reduced in price from March 31 till April 7.

‘Whatever it Takes’, a love story that spans two continents, will be on special from April 3 till April 10.

A Wet Kookaburra and a Countdown Deal!

It’s been unseasonably warm for Autumn here in Sydney, Australia, and what better way to cool off than splashing around in cool water…

This charming icon of Australian bird-life, the Laughing Kookaburra, is drying himself off after just such an experience in the little pool under the water bubbler in our local park.



In other news, my recently released title, ‘Uncertain Love’, has received its second review – this time from respected Goodreads librarian Marianne. And she liked it very much. _She’s also known as Cloggie Down Under). As luck would have it, this title is also right now a Countdown deal in the US and UK. Please spread the word, and help it make its very first sale!


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Uncertain Love

FREE on 15th and 16th January: Long and Short Australian Stories

‘Long and Short Australian Stories’ is unique among my short story collections in that its first and final stories are relatively lengthy.

On the other hand, in common with its stablemates, this book is filled with tales of sweet romance, making it a pleasant way to relax and fill in a few minutes (or longer), especially at bedtime.

For the first time, this title is free to download on Amazon Kindle. This offer is limited to the 15th and 16th January, 2016. (If you’re outside the US, it might be worthwhile checking the site even on the 17th since, in Australia, it often hangs over for part of the next day.)


Three Days at Free: The Essence of Life and Love in Australia

Do you like short stories and vignettes?

One of my earliest books, ‘The Essence of Life and Love’, comprises more than two dozen tales – many are just a few pages in length. In today’s time-poor society, this can be a bonus.

Right now, this title is free to download on Amazon Kindle.

Hurry, this offer is strictly limited.

And please, tell your Kindle-loving friends…

Like Nostalgia? ‘Romance, 50’s Style’ is on Special, Now!


Calling all lovers of nostalgia, and especially those who relish sweet romance!

For the first time ever, ‘Romance, 50’s Style’ is available on Amazon US and UK as a special, Countdown  deal.

This anthology comprises two novella-length tales, ‘Whatever it Takes’ and ‘Sisters and Rivals’, each of which was released during 2015.

All six of its reviewers on Amazon have found merit in the stories.