They’re Out! Western Australian Red-flowering Gums!

I’m so glad that these have become popular! In many of our local streets, these wonderful flowers are to be seen. Several well-advanced trees are growing in nearby nature strips. And don’t the Rainbow Lorikeets love them!



It’s Wisteria Time!

Here in Sydney, Australia, it’s wisteria time! Though it isn’t as easy to spot as it was years ago, there are still houses around that feature it in their gardens. Our home is old – being built almost one hundred years ago, and the wisteria in our yard might well have been planted way back then. It has definitely graced our springtime for over half a century. I remember it in flower as a small child.

While its flowers are delightful, the perfume that accompanies them is also worthwhile.




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The Miracle of Four O’Clocks

Four O'clocks
Four O’clocks

I don’t remember a time when Four O’Clocks were not a part of my life. I confess that my fascination with them was even greater when I was a child – I guess familiarity has a way of dulling the sense of awe and wonder that such things arouse when one first encounters them as a very young child. I wondered then, as I on a rare occasion wonder now, how on earth do they know the time, and herald it in a glorious show of their formerly concealed, absolutely brilliant, interior colours…

Perhaps it isn’t so surprising that they have survived in my psyche as one of the joys of summer and early autumn, here in Sydney, Australia. They grow like weeks in our yard – never needing attention, and quite capable of unwanted spreading – though in their defense, they are far less invasive then many plants. What’s more, for their simple charm and quite wondrous abilities, I find them hard to beat.

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Stunning Hibiscus…

2015_0531imagefacebook0294There’s always something in flower in our front garden, whatever time of year. Right now we have Frangipani, daisies, and Hibiscus.

The Hibiscus is very eye-catching, and while it can’t compete with the Frangipani in terms of perfume, it’s hard to beat in the colour, size and texture department. I grew this one from a cutting – fortunately, since the original plant died.


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