About Margaret


My name is Margaret Lynette Sharp. I’m the author of fourteen titles (the most recent will soon be published) available on Amazon.

I live in suburban Sydney, Australia, in a Federation brick house in the suburbs – the same house I’ve lived in since i was ten years of age. My husband, Ron Sharp, is highly respected in the world of music. He designed and built many great pipe-organs, the most famous of which is the Grand Organ in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

Most of my titles are sweet romances, though one – ‘Love, Desire and Betrayal’ – has been described as bittersweet. Reviewers such as Shelleyrae Cusbert, Brenda Telford, Sally Roddom, Chris the Story-reading Ape and Kevin Cooper have read and praised my titles.

Margaret Lynette Sharp in August, 2015
Margaret Lynette Sharp in August, 2015

Apart from writing, my interests include swimming, looking after our pets, music and dancing. In Summer, I swim with our local swimming club in a large netted river baths. Our little Maltese Chicki loves to explore the grounds around there. She isn’t a swimmer, though: in fact, she even hates bath-time! I wonder what she makes of canines that brave the river, even in winter…

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