A Tasty Morsel in Hand: A Cocky’s Delight

The sight of cockatoos always draws my eye. How happy I was the day I spotted this handsome bird, a tasty green morsel in hand…

Sometimes they flock by the river where I swim. Other times, they chose more precarious spots such as by the roadside in the park. Fortunately there is a very low speed limit!


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P.S. Update on the Countdown deal of ‘Uncertain Love’. I’m delighted to say that seven copies were downloaded in the UK, and two in the US. This is the second-best result I’ve ever had! Huge thanks to all those who supported it!



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Margaret Lynette Sharp

I studied Short Story Writing and Freelance Journalism for a total of five years when I was younger, but it's only lately that I've tried to make a go of it as a professional. I have written eleven books now, all published by Amazon Kindle, and most also published as paperbacks by Createspace and available on the Amazon web-site. Several Sydney libraries have copies of some volumes, and they are currently on loan.My books are all listed by Goodreads. The total number of ratings of my titles there is in excess of 80, with an average of 4.4 stars. I am happily married to Ronald Sharp, the creator of the Grand Organ in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. He has consistently encouraged me to write, and has spent much time in editing, compiling, and designing the covers of each book. I'm keen on swimming, love animals, and appreciate good music and art.

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